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freelance art director ny

freelance art director nj.

A strategic Creative Director/Art Director with a track record of solving difficult advertising and marketing problems.

Using a diverse set of skills and disciplines the work covers TV, Web, Social Media, Print. Every medium. Traditional and Digital.

I’ve revitalized old brands and helped launch new brands to over 140 million dollars in sales.

The key for me is understanding the client's business, focusing on the brand and consumer insights and finding the best creative way to

motivate the target. It’s an approach that has worked over and over and I never stop until I nail it.

Awards: One Show, Art Director's Club, Clios, Effies, Ad Club of NY, Mobius, Adweek Media Plan of the Year.
Published work: Archive, Adweek, Ad Age, Creativity.

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High Endurance Body Wash_edited
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Clients/Brands: General MIlls:  Cheerios, Progresso Soup, Yoplait, Go-Gurt, Pillsbury, Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks. 

Procter & Gamble: Tide, Iams Pet Food, Old Spice, Folgers. Chase Bank, Volkswagen.


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