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Gushers interactive.

One of the most iconic kid campaigns in recent memory. We created numerous TV spots, and interactive content over several years. Millions of kids were watching our Gorilla Cam way before adults were glued to their mobile phones waiting for April the Giraffe to give birth.

If you like incredibly sophomoric humor (yes, we’re talking a farting gorilla) check out the ‘short films’ we created on the fly during one of our shoots – when you have a guy in a gorilla suit for 10 hours you have to do something. The films were posted on various sites and were used to engage kids with an interactive site and digital experience as well as cross sell back to the promotion in the tv spot.

Interactive Gorilla Cam

Over a million interactions were logged as kids made the gorilla do karate, breakdance, order pizza, and more.

They shared their selections via mobile and web and grew the promotion at the same time.

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