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School of Visual Arts, NYC, Adjunct Professor
Advertising Classes & Workshops.
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SVA Advertising
Student: Mo Hinjosa
Student Work - Facebook
Continuing Ed Portfolio
SVA Advertising Workshop
BFA Advertising & Design
Student / Thomas Varacchi
Neil Raphan
Tattly Temporary Tattoos
Honest Tea posters
Stride long-lasting gum
Neil Raphan, Creative Director
Headline: Put yourself in someone el
Student work
Student Work
Student / Sy Xe
BFA Advertising and Design departmen
Durango Tattoo Parlor #MetOnPetDate  Campaign + App & Web
Advertising Workshop
Presentation Skills Guest Lecture
Awards Show Reel: Field Trip
Director Sophy Holland
Zoey Luo - Student Work
Salvation Army Thrift Shop • Sustain
Advertising Workshop
Salvation Army Thrift Store
Student / Jose Neves
Nickelodeon Creative Advertising
Grey Advertising Field Trip
Event Marketing
Student Work
Summer Advertising Workshop
Spotify Logo Design Branding
Field Trip: Real Mad Men...
Digital Imaging Center, SVA
Jabari Cook / Alex LeDour
AICP Student Award Show
Student Event concept
Scout: App concept & Ad Campaign
George Lois Retrospective
Gattie & Lopez
Aisha Lopez
SVA Advertising Classes
InternationalStudent - Melissa Akkoç
The North Face
SVA, Neil Raphan Creative Director
Carly Raphan
Field Trip: BANG. Music & Audio Post
Benita Raphan
Sophie Grace Johnson, Copywriter
Class Descriptions


CONTINUING ED  Online Class / Advertising Portfolio

Co-created with Creative Director Rich Pels, we developed the School of Visual Arts first Online Advertising Portfolio course. It is designed to help those interested in being an art director or copywriter create a professional advertising portfolio that will impress creative directors. You'll learn the skills of conceptual advertising and how to strengthen and execute your ideas through innovative thinking and leave this course knowing the difference between ordinary ideas and award-winning ideas as we discuss some of the ad industry's most influential creative leaders. 

You'll also learn several options to prepare your portfolio online. The goal? Getting a good job as an art director or copywriter.


Each week there will be an assignment to create an advertising campaign for a product or service using a wide variety of media. Weekly discussions will also include award-winning ad campaigns and skills development tips. This course is held in the evening once a week online with live interaction.

Instructors; Neil Raphan, Creative Director/Art & Richard Pels, Creative Director/Copywriter

 UNDERGRADUATE   Production in Motion / The Advertising Process: 


This course introduces students to the advertising production process and the creative process, primarily focusing on commercials, videos, and digital content. We will chronicle the creation of television, online content, and video from concept to screen.
Pre-production assignments and projects include learning the steps to bring an idea to fruition, including concepts, storytelling, storyboards, scripts, creative team collaboration, director's treatments and director selection, and location scouting in NYC—also, agency briefs, bidding, prep, pre-pro books, shoots, and animation. Post-production projects include motion and logo treatments, shooting mobile video, editing, and using music to enhance an idea.


Guest speakers will include agency creative teams, directors, and production personnel. There will be field trips to production facilities in NYC as well.  Instructors; Neil Raphan, Creative Director & Hafeez M. Saheed, Executive Producer.


 UNDERGRADUATE   Integrated Advertising Workshops:    


In these advertising workshops, I offer college students more than an introduction to the creative world of advertising. Students are taught how to develop compelling, persuasive, and creative ideas with an emphasis on Art Direction and Visual Thinking.

Students work on integrated projects as art directors, both conceptually and through craft, and learn how to best use their strengths and interests from other visual fields, such as Design, Photography, Illustration, Motion, and Typography, and apply them to advertising. Students will learn to expand strong campaign ideas via web, social media, video, tv, ambient, event, guerilla--every medium and find the best fit for the idea.


Each student is provided with a mac workstation and will create work in collaboration and at home.

Visual assignments/exercises will also be given to strengthen art direction skills. Students will begin developing exciting work for a portfolio. Group projects will enhance collaboration skills. Critiques of student work will strengthen conceptual thinking and strengthen ideas. Good ideas will constantly evolve and be pushed forward until they become great. Do not take the class if you are lazy. Instructors; Neil Raphan, Creative Director & Lea Ladera, Creative Director.


 PRE-COLLEGE   Advertising, Design & 3D Workshop: Summer Program: 


These are one-week, full-day fun workshops that explore the basics of advertising and design. An introduction to concept, exploratory problem solving, and execution for portfolios. 

The course is part of a three weeks Pre-College program. Week 2: Form & Color, Instructor: Richard Mehl.  

Week 3: 3D Design Concepts, instructor: Kevin O'Callaghan


Advertising Week One will be in the SVA Digital Imaging Center, where each student will work on their own advertising ideas and be guided into the execution comp phase. Students will create their ideas as an art director on Mac workstations using Photoshop & Adobe Creative Suite with assistance from college student TAs and instructor. This will be a fun hands-on week where you can: experience events throughout NYC, experience an art college class, and learn how advertising is done in the real world. Projects include print, social media, and digital. Final student work will be printed using SVA's printing facilities. On the last day of classes, work will be displayed at a student exhibition and reception that is open to parents and the public.



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