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Iams. I am an Iams dog.

Meet Spike the Rock Star. We 'created' Spike and pushed him to the top with a 360 campaign supported by TV, print, videos and teaser B-Roll footage. Like any self-respecting rock star Spike also has a Facebook page, a Blog and loves to tweet. All of which promotes not only Spike but the product benefit that rockin' it on the outside is a sign of a healthy inside.

Iams "Rock Star" Teaser. Helping to create some buzz.

"Rock Star" Dressing Room. More stuff for his Facebook fans.


Dog owners created  commercials with their own 'Rockstar'

"I am an Iams dog" TV, Web.

iams saatchi

Online presence

"Wrinkles Rule" Backstage with Spike's stylist.


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