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In prior assignments you were given the objective and goal of the advertisement. In this case, you need to do research on the product and then answer these questions to develop your own brief. Each answer should relate to each other and your final piece must be built from the information in your brief and be on strategy.

HIRE HEROES mission is to empower U.S. military members, veterans and spouses to succeed in the civilian workforce. They prepare them for civilian life, help them get jobs, and also find employers that need qualified people like them.

Veterans in service have certainly learned the importance of teamwork, understand leadership, respect, and have worked under stress. These are similar qualities employers look for in the modern workforce. Many are your age. And they have put their lives on the line for others. 

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C r e a t I v e    B r i e f




RESEARCH: Understand the purpose of the product and all of their offerings. What important facts have you learned about the product and/or consumer?



PRODUCT/SERVICES: What do they offer?




BENEFITS: What are the benefits of the product? Choose one and connect to a consumer with it.




SITUATION/BACKGROUND: What is the current employee market?




OBJECTIVE: What do you want your advertising to do?




TARGET AUDIENCE: Who are you speaking to?




CONSUMER INSIGHT: What do you know about your consumer that may help you connect to his/her needs?




STRATEGY:  How do you plan to meet your objective? What direction will you take to persuade your target?




KEY CAMPAIGN MESSAGE: What do you want to communicate?




COMPETITION: What is the competition?




MEDIA: How will you reach them? And why have you chosen that method.



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