SVA Continuing Ed: Online Advertising Portfolio.  Instructors: Rich Pels, Neil Raphan

Neil Raphan, SVA Advertising

“Thank you so much… This SVA class was incredible for me, for my goals.

I'm so happy to have some fresh work to show off soon.”   -Flavio Galvao

Neil Raphan, SVA advertising portfolio


 ONLINE   Continuing Ed - Online Advertising Portfolio:  


This course is designed to help you create a professional advertising portfolio, without having to commute every week to midtown New York. You'll learn how to think creatively and conceptually, how to strengthen and execute your ideas, and how to prepare your work to be shown digitally for your portfolio. The goal? Getting a good job as an art director or copywriter.


This portfolio class will allow you to attend live sessions remotely and also get feedback and critique by uploading your work when you can not attend. Each week there will be an assignment to create an advertising campaign for a product or service. The assignments we choose will give students an opportunity to show work for a variety of products and services in a wide variety of media to help diversify your advertising portfolio. There will also be a weekly discussion about award-winning ad campaigns and tips to develop your art direction and copywriting skills. This course is held in the evening once a week where we meet online with live interaction.


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Instructors: Neil Raphan, Creative Director/Art Director.   Richard Pels, Creative Director/Copywriter.




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*Next session January 2020