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SVA Pre College, school of visual arts

This TV Assignment is for Stress Block. You can read more about the product here:


Each team will choose one of the product benefits featured on the site.

Stress Block™ Benefits

  • Promotes relaxation*

  • Supports feelings of calmness and focus*

  • Reduces irritability*

  • Encourages a positive mind & mood*

  • Alleviates fatigue & boosts energy*

      Promotes more restful sleep*


Do not cram all of them into one communication.


You need to do a TV commercial, a video for web, viral video, Vine or another advertising related storytelling form.


Stress is a subject matter that every one can relate to and manifests itself in many forms. Find some deep insight that will lead to an unexpected creative solution. Something that gets noticed. Something fresh and new. A big idea.


Ideas & Storytelling: Once you have the idea, think through how you will tell the story in 30 seconds or less.

Review the commercials we have watched in class to refresh what we've discussed about the art of storytelling, crafting an idea, and editing.


Remember the steps:

1. Ideas first

2. How will you tell the story to express your ideas. What you will be shooting.

3. Storyboard the idea with descriptions of the visuals and words. Use the InDesign template I created for class. Fill in your name and partners name and name of your commercial.

Print out and draw the visuals in the frames. 

Think through your shots and decide when and why you’ve made each shot decision.

Do not use more than 2 pages. Storyboards are due next Tuesday, Nov 17th.  


The following week we will have a field trip to Nickelodeon Advertising. Each team from class will meet with a team of producers the way it’s done in the real world at an advertising agency and collaborate with them on how you’d make the idea a reality, get a director, and produce a spot or video.








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