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Ideas First, Executions Last

We will continue the 'Ideas First' mantra. 

Spring Semester



1. Everybody gets better: 

That's our goal for next semester. And it should be yours too. Smarter and better persuasive thinking. We will both identify any short comings or creative struggles you have and work on them. Including following up on suggestions I make to your work. If we suggest it, you need to come in with it the following week. Or, come in with something better and prove why it is better. Also, we will work around any limitations to your knowledge of software.



2. Learn Something/

Do Something:

The idea of 'Learn Something/Do Something' will be applied. We will have specific lessons and exercises based around techniques and conceptual thinking that will need to be seen in your work. Learn it, do it, and you'll have more creative resources at your disposal to create more exciting work.



3. 'What Else?':

We'll work more with my question of 'What Else?' Meaning once you have a great concept you must constantly explore what else you can do with it. How can you communicate the idea in another medium? Which medium is best for connecting and persuading with your idea? What else can you do to your idea to get it to explode and stay in the minds of the consumer? What can we ask of the consumer to contribute to your idea? Keep asking 'What else'? and eventually you'll find some answers. Answers and new solutions that you would not have found if you just stopped and executed the idea in one medium.


4. Apps, Social Media, Digital: 

We will explore more in these areas, including not just conceiving an App, but figuring out the best way to promote it. You can not rely on someone searching the App store to make an App successful. Additionally, using a hashtag in front of your #product name is not an idea. Social ideas must connect appropriately, involve consumers, get spread, and motivate a response. And it must be done in a conceptual and creative way--otherwise it is just media.


5. Design Influence:

We'll spend more time analyzing if the design, size of elements and spacial relationships are helping the concept. Putting what's in your head first down on the screen or page is not enough. Design comparisons must be made and that takes more than one option.

6. TV, Video, Web:Storytelling 

You'll not only conceive tv/video ideas, you'll do storyboards for them in either short or long format and also learn the steps to the production process. From idea, to presentation, to shoot to edit. 


7. Make it Better:

When near completion of an assignment keep asking yourself 'how can I make it better?' No assignment is complete until you've made it the best you can. If you have an improvement or addition to any work that makes it better weeks after the assignment was due, we will make it. Never stop.


8. Sophomore Portfolios:

If your advertising work is good enough it should be included in your sophomore portfolio. We'll help you select your best work and adapt for your portfolio. If you do not have any great work, work harder :-) All it takes is one great idea to inspire more great ideas.

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