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SVA Pre College, Neil Raphan

Assignment: Tattoo Parlor


By this point in our class you have had individual assignments that expose you to different ways to communicate and persuade a target audience. For example; turning negatives into positives (Salvation Army), using the values and mission statement of a brand (Honest Tea), geographic relevance (Home Depot), passion and feelings (Music streaming service), motivating by making product benefits meaningful (Stress Block), using consumer insights (Petfinder), and more.

This week's assignment is a fanstastic open ended assignment that will allow you to use any of your learned skills or own persuasive talents. 

Tattoos are an artistic, amazingly visual, personal, mysterious, culture relevant, polarizing, dramatic and at times controversial subject. And it is a product. People make a purchase. Whether they go to a tattoo parlor for the reputation of the shop or artist there, they need to have a feeling about the place and have faith in that brand.



Choose either of these Tattoo Parlors: Rising Dragon or Grit'n'Glory or Or the Tattoo place that you may have gotten your tattoo from and absolutely love.


Do some research about tattoos. Speak to your friends about why they got one. If you have one what was behind the decision. Then research the place you will advertise. Find out what is special about their brand. Go there if you can. Interview them if you can. Look back at our creative briefs for other assignments and focus your idea. Before you present your work next week I will ask you what insight about tattoos you are tapping into, who is your target, and why your tattoo parlor is a perfect fit for the idea. Once you define your main selling message, then create advertising for them! 

Due Monday:  print /poster campaign of 3 pieces.  Each piece printed out on 11x17. Also print out an Idea Statement that has the name of the shop on it, what is unique or special about them, and who your target is.

Tip: Do not come in with just a page that has a cool tattoo on it. People have seen cool tattoos before.


Come in next week with finished work. Still use the thinking, layouts, execution process but come in with the final amazing execution--not rough sketches of what you are thinking about doing. Make it great and make the brand stand for something. And make it 'The place' for someone desiring to get a tattoo.

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