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SVA advertising, school of visual arts
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SVA Pre College, school of visual arts

The North Face makes awesome products for cold weather.

Visit and do some online shopping. Find a winter item that you love.

The first part of this assignment is an exercise with no right or wrong solution. Its purpose is to help you avoid the trappings of stereotypical advertising language and develop your own voice, point of view, and allow you to connect in a personal way when you approach an assignment.


In class:

Step 1:  Choose a winter product

Step 2:  Learn about it. Aside from how it looks, see how it is made and what other people feel about it from online reviews.


Step 3:  Decide why you love it, and where, 

 when, how, and why you would wear it. And also how you feel wearing it.

Step 4: Print out a picture of the product on 8 1/2 x 11 paper with facts about the product next to it. 


Step 5: Expression: Create a personal Instagram post, Facebook post or Facebook/Snapchat story. Or 'send' a text or email' to a friend that expresses something about the product that you feel will engage your friends. Or about where you may have been or what you were doing while wearing it, etc.

(Do not post a product photo. Boring.)

It can be long or short but write it in your personality. Don't write it being conscious of an assignment or of selling a product. Make it interesting. Or make it funny. Or make it offensive. Or make it sarcastic. But make it 'you.'

Step 6: To be discussed in class



Details and Creative Brief to be discussed in class.


Step 6: Write a Brief. Download the blank Creative Brief and base the answers on the benefits of your product and the insights you know about the product and how it's used. Having smart answers will help make your ads more persuasive.


Step 7: Create advertising for your product based on the brief.

Remember that you are selling winter products and the consumer should feel that no matter what product you are advertising it's the best of its kind for winter. Or for your winter sport.


You can choose any media you feel will best connect your idea to your target. Social media, display banner ads, Google Adwords, Outdoor, Guerilla, print, event related, etc.


Ideas first. Then executions.

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