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SVA Pre College, Neil Raphan

Assignment: Tattoo Parlor

This week's assignment begins the creative process for the project that will also become part of the final project -- a directors treatment.

Tattoos are an artistic, personal, mysterious, culture relevant, polarizing, dramatic and at times controversial subject.

It is also a product. People make a purchase. Whether they go to a tattoo parlor for the reputation of the shop, their designs or artist there, they need to have a feeling about the place and have faith in that brand.

This assignment begins with research and insight into the different reasons people may get a tattoo or why they may not.

Having a deeper understanding into the issue will help you find an interesting way to connect to your target and persuade them with your (advertising) story.

Part 1: Choose any of these Tattoo Parlors: Rising DragonGrit'n'Glory, or Tattoo Wonderland. Or the Tattoo place that you may have gotten your tattoo from and absolutely love.

Do not come up with a creative idea yet. First get an understanding of what may be special about the place. What do they stand for?  Read some reviews online. Then start to fill in the 'brief' that we handed out in class. This will guide your creative solutions.


Part 2: Ideas. Several ways that answer to the brief. Take your time and think deeply. Insights will be very important here. If you have a tattoo think deeply about what your decision process was for the piece and for choosing the artist that did it for you. 

Part 3: Define a single minded brand message. Express the idea through any relevant video/moving images media: For example--TV commercial :30 or :15's, long format video, or short video for social media.

Create advertising /content for them! Use any media that you feel is the best way to persuade and connect to your target.

Create a storyboard for your idea.

Make it great and make the brand stand for something. And make it 'The place' for someone desiring to get a tattoo.

Part 4: Use Social Media to Engage Consumers with your Brand

Create a social media campaign that uses assets of your content  or conceptual elements of your idea to promote and connect. Use Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Postings can use gifs, video, photos or illustration. It can also be pre-roll before videos on YouTube.


We will discus further in class.