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SVA advertising, school of visual arts
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SVA Pre College, school of visual arts

Exercise: Shake it up

Streaming music / pov

In a conceptual rut? Change your approach. 

This assignment and exercise is about personal expression. And a chance to approach problem solving differently than you normally would. It's also about using your artistic and visual skills to communicate something you are passionate about. This exercise will help you branch out your visual, design and executional  thinking beyond the norm and beyond the familiar default layouts and executions often seen and unknowingly copied in advertising.


Everyone uses a particular music service for a reason. Choose your favorite, i.e., Pandora, Spotify, Soundcloud, or whatever you use to listen to music and define how you feel about it and why you love it! What is the benefit of this service to you? Is it an emotional benefit or a functional benefit etc. How can you communicate this to someone else. If you sat down with a friend and had an hour to explain your feeling to them you might get them to understand your feelings or persuade them  to try your service. But you don't have an hour and you need to convince millions of people, not just one. That's the beauty of really great communications. 

Your piece should be executed in one of the following ways:





Personal expression








Visual problem solving


Convey information


Logos, branding





Understood by target


Communicate benefits




Fine Art is personal and done to please the artist. The category is broad and you can use any media to create your fine art piece—an oil painting, watercolor, printmaking, collage, pen and ink, pencil, sculpture, photography etc.


Graphic Design—you are communicating information using your design skills. You can create a poster, logo, design a website, branding or anything that uses design. Can also include any form of elements in your design, photography, illustration etc.


Advertising—it’s about persuasion and communicating to the masses. Meaning everyone you are targeting should understand it. Use any of the different advertising forms we’ve discussed in class. A print campaign, digital campaign, social media, guerrilla, event marketing etc.


This assignment is about how you feel about the product/brand. However do some research on your product.


No matter what from of visual expression you choose (Fine Art, Graphic Design, Advertising) you should still define the purpose of your communication. 

1. What do you want to convey

2. How will you communicate it

3. Explore—do sketches or layouts first.

4. Execute a fantastic piece. A finished piece. 


You should want to sign and frame your fine art, blow up your design for your dorm, or be excited about telling your advertising ideas to your friends.

Have fun. Put yourself into it. Don’t stop. Close your eyes and visualize it before you go to sleep. Wake up and start doing it.

See you next week.



Final Step:  I will influence your work with input from one of the other categories you did not select.

For instance, if you did a fine art piece I will focus on adding some elements 'advertising' to help persuade the audience about your feelings. If you chose 'advertising' then I will influence your work with some 'fine art' or 'design' to elevate its creativity and not appear like a conventional ad solution.



Read about the different services>




SVA Pre College, school of visual arts
SVA Pre College, school of visual arts
SVA Pre College, school of visual arts
SVA Pre College, school of visual arts
SVA Pre College, school of visual arts
SVA Pre College, school of visual arts
SVA Pre College, school of visual arts
SVA advertising, school of visual arts
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