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Winter Olympics

I read that viewership for the Winter Olympics on NBC was the lowest rated ever. Down approximately 25%. Losing viewership in the 18-49 target group.

Not surprising to me. Not many people (except maybe me) sit down and watch the Olympics on tv for 3 hours at night. Much of it is tense and exciting, snow boarding events are unbelievable and even cross country had extreme drama. And so did Curling and Women's Hockey. Both earning unexpected Gold for the U.S.

How did the Olympics advertise the Olympics this year? On TV. Kind of odd to me since the audience they want isn't really watching that much network tv.

How else and with what message can they connect to get people to tune in?  - Neil

Chairman of the Olympic Committee - Thomas Bach


We will break down into 4 groups in class to solve this problem. Simulating the way agencies compete for the business. Multiple ideas that haven't been done before are needed. Each group will present in class. Each person on the team will speak. Work out who begins, who says what, etc. Use the presentation skills and techniques you were taught by our guest speaker April Jaffe from 

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