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Home Depot NYC

The stores are a suburban mecca for home improvements.

A few years ago a store opened on 23rd Street in Manhattan. And now there’s another on 58th Street. It's interesting that an iconic big box suburban brand built on DIY home improvements is in a city full of small apartments, single people and varied cultures and lifestyles. It's somewhat of a contradiction. 



Find an interesting and creative way to CONNECT to consumers

and make the store RELEVANT to New Yorkers.

The 23rd Street/6th Ave store is only a few blocks from SVA. Go check it out.


Things to think about:

  • What is the perception of Home Depot for a city person?

  • What are the benefits of shopping there?

  • What kind of items do New Yorkers need?

  • What is it like living in a NYC and a NYC apartment?

  • What is good/bad about NYC apartments?


Use one or more of the following media choices:


Print, Outdoor, Posters,

Digital/Online, Social Media, 

Ambient / Guerilla, 

PR, Event

Also, before beginning, fill out the Creative Brief given to you in class

and sent to you via email.

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