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Final Assignment: 2018


2 Campaigns needed.


•Each campaign must have at least 3 great executions. 

Choose from any of the assignments from this semester.


Your final should be a combination of 3 different pieces based on the same theme.

In addition to Print, it should include one or more of the following: Digital, Outdoor/posters, Social Media, Guerrilla, Event, etc. If you have more show more. Only your best work. The selection of media must be relevant to the target audience.

Execute your work in the proper format: Ad sizes and proportions>

If you are intending on doing one of your ads as a bus shelter poster, or subway or street poster you should take a picture of that media and place your ad inside it. Examples below:

      Subway Example >    Digital Example>   Facebook Ad>   Bus Shelter example> 

If you are unable to shoot your media yourself, you can select from here>

•Your Creative Brief must be included to show how smart your thinking is.

•Requirements for grading: All pieces of your Final should be put in our class Google Drive folder.  Create a folder with your name and include your work in it. All pieces should be made into JPEGS except for the Brief page which can be any format.

By now you all should know what great work is

and have the ability to do great work.

You just need to focus and put additional thinking and time into it.


Strive for finished meticulously executed work that you obsessed over and made the right art direction decisions for. If using stock images you found online, make sure they are hi-resolution. If it’s low res, your good idea will not look good.


Remember early in the semester you selected what ads you liked from and other sources I have shown — your work can be of that caliber.

Re-think your visuals: are they telling the right story, are they interesting enough, did you tweak the art to look better, have you cropped it in a more interesting way, is your layout interesting or boring, does your ad and words have enough persuasion to it, did you select the proper typeface???


Remember, an art director has many options available to

communicate the idea and create compelling, unique visuals.


Visual  Photo, Illustration, Line, Paint, texture, color, tone, retouch, multimedia, crop, scale…

Type Serif, sans serif, bold, light, italic, hand, loud, quiet, form, flourish, color, size, voice… 

Design layout, elements, look and feel, tone, negative space, ornamental, color, graphics… 

Color 4c, duotone, monochromatic, b&w, loud, soft, pastel, bold, saturated, de-sat, texture…


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