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SVA Pre College, school of visual arts

According to Tim Cook, there are now 

over two million Apps in the App Store.

And there have been estimates of over 140 billion downloads.


There is an App for everything.


Yet, each day someone comes up with a new App idea that solves a problem or is just freakin' fun.



For this assignment you need to come up with an idea for an App. 

Part 1: Come up with an idea,  Create a logo/icon for it, Design its pages and function.

Part 2: will be to do advertising for it. Digital, Social Media, Print, Outdoor, anything that will connect the purpose of your app to the person you are targeting.


Look inward and think what kind of App you desire. What problem does it solve? It can be weird, fun, or even have a world changing purpose.


Ideas first. Write them down. Do not design anything until we discuss your ideas in class.

Once the idea is approved, move forward.


Part 1: This project is due with your name on it and a description of your idea(s) along with layouts for an icon/logo and rough frames of what would take place on a smart phone screen.

*Use Google Slides > (link)

Part 2: Not due yet

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