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SVA Pre College, school of visual arts

The Superbowl is one of the biggest television events in America. It is also the biggest singular event for brands and advertising.

Brands will be paying approximately 5 Million dollars to air a 30 second commercial. And 10 Million for a 60 second commercial.

Plus they will spend between $500,000 - $2,000,000 just to produce it. Over 100,000,000 people will be watching on tv or live streaming from computers or mobile devices.

It's big business and big creativity.

Every creative in an agency that has a client looking to be on the Superbowl fights for the assignment. Competition is fierce. Everyone works late. Everyone works weekends. Often you'll be competing against dozens of other teams in your agency. And sometimes teams around the world if your agency is global.


Ideas need to be big. Smart. And of course get attention, persuade and be remembered. I think the best way to be remembered is not only having a great creative idea, but keeping that idea and your brand close to your target in another form.

This assignment will do that.


For homework, watch the Superbowl this Sunday and pay particular attention to the commercials. Sit with a pad and make note of which commercial got your attention and got your interest. Analyze it and why you liked it. Write down their selling premise--what are they saying to the audience.


Then expand on their concept with your own ideas. Grow the concept into a different form of media--meaning anything but another tv commercial. For instance, how can you expand on the idea in social media, online, outdoor, or as an event, etc? Do creative work for one of those areas.


For next week you must come in with:

1. A print out of one frame from the commercial you like, and the name of the product.

2. A written statement of why you like the commercial and the selling premise--what is their 'key message.'

3. Creative work that grows the idea--and makes a connection to the consumer. It can be in rough sketch form or finished.


The Superbowl airs Sunday night, 6:30 PM, on CBS, Channel 2.

You can also go online and stream it live--it might be on or or the nfl or cbs mobile apps.


Prior year: If you missed the Superbowl you can view the best spots here:



USA Today:


USA Today Admeter:


<Superbowl commercials from recent years

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