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Class 1: Visualization

Seeing Things Differently


^ To some it's a mountain.







To an art director it's a symbol of strength and durability and represents the front end of a Mercedes SUV.

As an art director you do have the ability to see things that others do not. Constantly observing, thinking and exploring visual solutions will help you find fresh ways to connect to people with your ideas. It'll help make your ideas memorable and resonate with an audience. Plus it'll keep you from being bored no matter where you are. Even while waiting at a street corner or on line at a bank.


Student examples:

You see these items everyday in NYC. Here a water tower is repurposed into a memorable celebration for an outdoor ad for Moet. Perfectly timed to run weeks before New Year Eve. This student could not speak English. Non verbal communication is universal.

Star Trek movie premiere

"Live long and prosper". Not everyone will know the symbol below.  However a targeted Star Trek fan will connect after seeing this teaser and other unconventional advertising throughout NYC promoting the latest Star Trek movie premiere.


Download more advertising related examples>



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