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• Advertising Workshop: Summer Pre-College Program

These fun workshops explore the basics of advertising and design. such as concept, form, typography, digital and social media, while using a conceptual approach to problem solving.

Explore your creativity: The 3 week course is open to High School students beginning July 8th, 2019.

Advertising Week 1: Art Direction and Concept. Instructor: Neil Raphan

Class will be in the SVA Digital Imaging Center where each student will work on their own advertising ideas and be guided into the executional comp phase. Students will create their ideas as an art director on Mac workstations with assistance from college student assistants and instructor. This will be a fun hands on week where you can experience events throughout NYC, what an art college class is like, and how advertising is done in the real world. Final student work will be printed using SVA's printing facilities. On the last day of classes, work will be displayed at a student exhibition and reception that is open to parents and the public. Instructor: Neil Raphan, Creative Director

Advertising Week 2: Form & Color. Instructor: Richard Mehl
Unconventional advertising begins with unconventional design-strong, dynamic, original and memorable compositions of form and color. Making unconventional design is more successful (and a lot less stressful) when you understand the basic principles of two-dimensional design and color. In this workshop, students work on a series of assignments; each assignment is an exploration of specific design concepts. Through these explorations, your awareness of form and color grows-you become a more confident designer. Each day is a new design experience. We transform a classroom into a studio, a space to explore, experiment and play with form and color.

Advertising Week 3: 3D Concepts in Advertising: Instructor: Kevin O'Callaghan
Students will reimagine and create their own unique dimensional advertisements, using everything from fiberglass to hubcaps: whatever conveys the student's ideas. There will be demonstrations of various techniques like mold-making, paper and cardboard construction and casting in plastic. Each student will create and produce a highly personal, finished conceptually-driven solution to a conceptual problem.

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