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What does an Art Director do?

SVA advertising, school of visual arts

At the core of being an art director is coming up with great ideas no matter what form of advertising you are creating. Whether it is a digital and social media campaign, tv or video idea, print or outdoor advertising, guerrilla ads, viral videos or branded content the idea must be engaging, persuasive and creative -- striving for something that hasn't been done before.

An Art Director is also responsible for all design and also 'directs' the viewer through their ad and idea/story.

We will elaborate more on this in class and work on a group assignment.

Art Director:



 1. Comes up with ideas with a writer or team. 

 2. Focuses on the visualization and execution of the ideas. 

 3. Provides the vision and direction for everything related to the idea.  

 4. Is in charge of getting the idea completed to his/her vision as approved by the client. 

5. Supervises Photoshoots, TV Commercial shoots, video, retouchers, special effects houses, editors, illustrators, designers, music and sound effects. 

6. Works with Directors, casting agents, stylists, and producers.

 7. Travels to great locations, works day and night, stays at great hotels, eats and drinks for free, works with teams of creative people, doesn't get bored.

 8. Comes up with a dozen more ideas when ideas are not approved just to get to the fun of the above.

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