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Cheerios. 'Now's the time.'


Cheerios is an iconic brand, but needed to do something new to make its low cholesterol message memorable. We created a campaign of over thirty :15 spots that tied in to specific TV show story lines to convince our target that 'not much happens in 6 weeks--and you could have lowered your cholesterol.' Engaging, attention getting and connecting to loyal consumers like nothing Cheerios had ever seen before. The spots were inexpensive by design, fun and timely. The media plan for multiple :15s  was created to accomodate the creative idea and won AdWeeks Media Plan of the Year. The campaign was credited with giving Cheerios its first market share gain in more than two years.

Soap Operas: "Days of our LIves" Tie-in ran 6 weekd after cliffhanger event.

"As the World Turns" Tie-in: Ran 6 weeks after Katie and Maike wanted divorce.

Mobile: 'Simple Wisdom.'

A simple way to stay in touch with your consumer and a simple way to save. Top of mind, point of purchase, when they are ready to spend. This app idea leverages the trusted wholesomeness of Cheerios and provides a daily reminder of their simple goodness and rewards the consumer with discounts for participating.

"Weather/News" Tie-ins: Scheduled 6 weeks after memorable news.

"The Biggest Loser" Tie-in. 1st spot following winner announcement.

Connect to consumers via content they know.

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